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Boniface Galawolo Doegar (born 29 April 1987), known professionally as B-FACE, is a international singer and songwriter. He started singing with his friends at the of 6 in Liberia, recording music at age 18 in the United States and managed to release a collaborative projects with the Bracy Boy, a group in Minnesota. In 1996, B-FACE was able to escape from  the civil war in Liberia to a nearby country called Ghana. He and his family found shelter on the Buduburam refugee camp with no food and water. They slept on the cold floor for months, and later got some help from the United Nations. B-Face was able to relocate to the United States with his family in 2000, they live in New York City for few months before relocating to Minnesota. B-Face started Jr. High School in Maple Grove. He also play soccer for both Park Center Senior High and Maple Grove Senior High School. While working at Cub Foods in Brooklyn Park as shopping cart retriever, B-FACE will sing with his friends to keep them motivated. B-FACE relocated to New Brighton, Minnesota and started working for Applebee’s, there he was discover by Cobe who was one of the member of the Bracy Boys music group. They work on a few projects together and B-FACE left the group to continue his education at the St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. After graduation, B-FACE relocated to California to continue his music career.  B-FACE is currently residing in LA making music for his wonderful fans. 

"B-Face vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

© 2020 by B-FACE

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